East Beach - Apffel Park, a Great Beach For Fun Lovers!

There are cool things about Galveston's East Beach. But its weird monopoly with beach umbrellas is not one. If you bring your own umbrella you can't set it up on the beach! You can set it up in the parking lot - What???? It's always something…..

You can rent an umbrella from the umbrella 'Taliban'. It cost about $35.00. Cash only.  But if you want to tan who needs an umbrella?

On the plus side

This beach is Texas size. It's over 3 miles around the park! Do you like to walk or run? It is the largest of Texas.

• Do you love crowds on major holidays, and summer weekends?
   They're here.

• Loud music and live bands?  Yes.

• Open alcohol containers on beach? Yes.

• Park near water? Yes.

• Life guards? Yes, thank God.

• Dogs on beach? Yes on leash. Be kind bring plastic
  bags for your pooch:)

• We did see a Lunch Wagon selling food, did not buy
  anything though.

• In June there is a large Sand Castle build off. These are  
  not your Grandpa's sand castles.

On the minus side

• The Mini mart that had the big deck is gone. So whatever you
  need for the beach, better bring it with you.

• No food vendors.

• Porta Potties are in.

• No showers, but we did see some hoses that were intended or

• If you need to drive out, and then return, you pay a second time.

• Water can be a little sandier in color.

I like the this Beach in the off season too

The space and horizon here feels good! I really enjoy watching the ships coming and going. I bring binoculars and cold beer and watch the ships, as well as the birds. Sarah enjoys walking the unusually quiet shore.

It is said to be the largest beach in Texas. I don't know if that is true, it is big though. It's the only public beach here you can drink alcohol on.

Easy drive

Drive east on Seawall Blvd. About 1/3 mile past East Beach Drive, turn right on Apffel Park Rd. Go about two miles and your there.

On Seawall Blvd. continue past Apffel Park Rd., to Boddecker Drive, there, turn right continue to the end. (It looks like your traveling into the wilderness). 

East Beach Hours and Days of Operation

Admission is $8, buses/RVs $16, cash only.

Hours of operation per their website

Weekdays:  March thru May: 9 am - 5 pm

June through September: 9 am - 6 pm

March through May: 9 am - 6 pm

June through September: 8 am - 7 pm

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