Galveston Travel is Easy as Plane, Train, or Automobile. No Passport Required.

Galveston Travel is fairly easy.

The island is about 50 miles south of Houston Texas.

Houston is the nations 4th largest city by population. You will be at the cross roads of a major travel center.

Galveston Travel: If you’re driving

Some of you may not be familiar with interstates: I-10 and I-45. These are the two interstate highways through Houston, TX.

Interstate 10 starts in Jacksonville Florida. It runs west through the Gulf Coast States. Then eventually through the city of Houston Texas. From Houston it continues westward to California.

Interstate 45 starts in Dallas, TX. From there it travels southerly to Houston. It’s about 245 miles between cities.

In Houston I-45 crosses Interstate 10. Then continues another 50 miles to Galveston Island.

Flying in: George Bush Intercontinental Airport

This is Houston largest commercial airport. It consists of four terminals. And it serves about forty million passengers each year.

It is served by many of the major us and international air carriers. This is a large airport. Trams run between terminals.

At curbside you will find many courtesy vans for the car rental companies.

The drive from George Bush Intercontinental airport to Galveston is about 71 miles.

Flying in: Houston Hobby Airport

This is the closest commercial airport to Galveston Island. South West Airlines is the dominant carrier there. However there are twelve other carriers providing service as well.

It is a refreshingly small and a nicely kept airport. It’s easy in and easy out usually with short lines. Just the way we like it when traveling.

Small airports like this are easy to keep up with. The staff seems more attentive. You feel less like part of a migrating herd. More like a person.

This is our favorite airport when traveling down this way. And makes Galveston Travel a snap!

You will find most of the major car rentals at Hobby Airport. Just go to baggage claim. There find car rental desks. Then grab one of the shuttles taking you to the rental of choice.

If you like, check with, I think they offer rental car service there and may get you a good deal too. We have not used them. A lot of the time we just show up. So far we never had a problem getting a car.

If you would like limousine service. See bottom of page.

The drive from Hobby Airport to Galveston is about 41 miles.

Flying in: Galveston Scholes International airport

The airport on Galveston, Scholes International Airport is a General Aviation Airport. It is primarily used by business, and private aircraft owners.

At this time there are no scheduled commercial flights into Galveston. But that can change. If you search for newly added flights to Galveston, the airport code is: GLS Leave Galveston Travel and return to Galveston Facts

Galveston Travel: By Train

Depending on where you are traveling from. Amtrak may have service to Houston TX. Once in Houston you will connect to Amtrak Thruway Motor coach to Galveston, TX.

The Galveston, TX., Texas Eagle Bus Stop is right at the heart of City of Galveston.

Curbside Bus stop Only No Shelter

123 Rosenberg Street

Galveston Railroad Museum

Galveston TX., 77550

If you have never traveled by train. You are in for a real treat. As long as your not in a hurry!

We have not taken the train from Pittsburgh to Houston. But we have traveled from Pittsburgh to San Diego, CA. And even though it took three days. One way. We absolutely loved the ride!

The seats are big and cozy. No seat belts. You can walk around anytime. And the scenery was endless. Return to Galveston Travel and Charm Homepage We packed some of our favorite foods, as well as a few bottles of wine. This was just a few years ago and there was not problem at all. But double check for yourself if you go this route.

Our only critique? In the dining car occasionally you need to share a table. Mostly it was fine. Sometimes though you just want to talk to your sweetie.

Galveston Rental Car

From the TX., Eagle Bus Stop, it’s 3.5 miles to Enterprise Rent a Car located on: 5919 BROADWAY ST, GALVESTON, TX 77551-4306

Tel: (409) 740-0700

Enterprise Rental Car Hours:

7:30 AM - 6:00 PM Monday through Friday

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Saturday

Galveston Limousine Service

Do you prefer limousine service from Hobby Airport to Galveston? There is one I found that offers safe and reasonably priced service.

Galveston Limousine Service has been assisting travelers in the area for over forty years. They have long standing in the business community. And if you'd like references they will gladly provide them.

In addition they can provide customized transportation for you and your party. For example; sight seeing or day trips. Galveston is their home. What better guide could you have?

This company makes Galveston Travel practically seamless.

Galveston Limousine Service web site is a snap to use. How rare! Transportation services and costs are clearly stated. You won’t feel confused or waste time finding what you need.

The web site is all one word, lowercase letters:

Galveston Limousine Service

2902 53rd St.

Galveston, TX, 77551

Telephone: 800-640-4826 / 409-744-5466

Galveston Cab Company's

Galveston Yellow Cab 24 Hour Service

(409) 763-3333

2005 23rd St, Galveston, TX

Jeff's Cab and Shuttle - 24 Hour Service

(409) 621-5333

3410 Broadway St, Galveston, TX