Galveston Camping - Talk about Simple Pleasures

Galveston Camping reopened in July 2009.

Everyone wants to camp on the beach!  If not now, think back. Remember when you wanted to? Got it? Well.......

The camp grounds have changed since Ike - another  nasty hurricane. After a lot of work, much from volunteers, a memorable adventure awaits you.

Originally there were 180 camping sites

 Now because of Ike only 36 beach camp sites remain. That’s not many - So you have to call ahead and reserve a spot.

Of course you will find picnic tables. Fire rings for cooking, and the nighttime camp fire! There are showers and toilets. Oh, yes there is running water. You will also find security during daylight hours.

Bring your cooler and your favorite goodies.

Once there, it's okay. Stop thinking - Just look. Stop the mental dialog - Just listen.  Take in each moment. This is Your time and Your place.

Camping in autumn the nights were beautiful

The last time we camped it was late in the season. The nights were cool and clear. The star, Antares was so bright. It was next to a stunningly clear crescent moon. It looked so alien.

We couldn't get a picture of it. But we found a web site with this picture. It is really close to how it looked that night.

We watched waves slide to shore. The air was fresh and crisp. The sounds were tranquil. We were feeling like kids. It seemed we were castaways on some exotic shore. Galveston Camping, Perfect!

A lot of campers even in summer

Unless you have an air conditioned camper or R/V camping is best when it gets cooler on  the island. The humidity can take the fun out of it.  

You can't drink alcohol at the sites. But you can fish on the beach. So bring your rod and reel and try catching some supper.

Bring your binoculars, you'll likely to see beautiful wildlife. You can also bring your dog. But it must be on leash at all times. And please bring plastic bags:)

 Galveston Island State Park is the perfect choice for camping

It has everything you need as a camper for a night or two. And as one of the Texas Parks it's well cared for.

We have traveled from Pennsylvania to Florida to Texas. All along the coast line.
Honestly, unless we missed something, it's the only place we found camping near the beach!

Take advantage of it. As mentioned earlier camp sites went from 180 to 36. Who knows how much longer we’ll be able to do this.


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