Ghost Tours of Galveston, just a lot of creepy fun!

Ghost Tours of Galveston began with a brief meeting at the Rail Road Museum. Then we began prowling the streets with, Ghost Tour Guide, Dash Beardsley.

Dash, tells fascinating, spooky stories. For real! He told story's and legends about Old Galveston, I never read or heard of before. And with the islands rather infamous history, exaggeration isn't necessary!

In all likelihood, you'll be chilled by actual events that caused a haunting, than by an actual spook. But keep that camera ready! Because others have captured some very interesting photos.

My friend Sarah had her iPhone with her. She recently downloaded an app., Ghost Radar.

There we went past civil war infirmaries. Store fronts. Various apartment buildings. Places where bad things happened. Occasionally a yellow flicker would light up the Ghost Radar screen. And briefly a red light lighted up at the steps to second floor apartments.

While at Ashton Villa. We crossed the street to the median. We wanted to get a better picture of this beautiful home. It was just as we stepped onto the median. The iPhone's Ghost Radar showed this big red spot on the screen. It enunciated the name, Eli!

The red indicated something was in front of us. Right there in the middle of the street! We were so startled, and embarrassed at the same time, because we both yelled, Ghost! We were like two school kids, oblivious to everything else around. It was so good! Who knows if it was a real ghost causing that? It’s just the mix of mood and tales, from Ghost Tours of Galveston, made the unexpectedness startling and creepy. It was a good kind of creepy though.

Neither of us had taken the ghost tour before. Now we wished we had. Ghost Tours of Galveston was a flat out good time for us!

Dash created a fun, colorful, and entertaining tour.

One thing really struck me afterward. Everyone seemed to enter into the spirit of the tour, and have fun! Leave Ghost Tours of Galveston and return to Things To Do in Galveston We’re anticipating our next trip from Pittsburgh, to the island. And plan on taking other Ghost Tours. The web site state two tours are in operation. With three more being developed! Yum! They sound good, and extra creepy too! Find out more about this enchanting island at Galveston Travel and Charm Homepage

These Ghost Tours are now one of our favorite things to do.

For more information on tours:

Dash Beardsley's Ghost Tours of Galveston

Ghost Line information 1-409-877-1794

Private tours are also available 1-832-892-7419