All aboard The Galveston Treasure Island Tour Train!

Well it's not really a train, it's a tram. But it's a fun way for a Galveston Tour!

The ride on the Galveston Island Tour Train was about an hour and forty five minutes.

That seemed just about the right.

The seats are hard though. If you have a bleacher pad or similar bring it with you. Even a beach towel would help.

It’s a nice ride for people who enjoy watching the scenery go by. And for the price it’s a bargain.

Add this tour with a , walking and bicycling tour. It can help make an inexpensive weekend. And you will have some great variety too.

A couple of the kids got bored and fussy after the novelty wore off. They were being a little tough on their moms. The moms held up though. I felt like buying them lunch for their long patience…..

This was our first Tour ride in a long while. We went on this about a year after Ike. There was a problem with the speaker. But the Tram driver was happy to answer any questions.

I do not know where they get these tour guides. But Disney would be pleased! Our driver was part entertainer and part tour guide. And he knew the Island well!

A couple of facts during the tour were not current. But it was a tour after a Hurricane Ike! I am hard pressed to nit pick anyone keeping the show on the road after that.

We have been coming to Galveston for a long time, and discovered a few new things about the Old Girl. You're certain to find something new about the Island too. She always seems to have a surprise for her fans!

You can meet the Treasure Island Tour Train on Seawall Blvd.

25th St. and Seawall Blvd. Galveston, TX

It sits by the long pier with the old Flag Ship Hotel on it.

If you see the pink tram attached to a jeep. That is your ride. Just go up to it and pay the fare. Leave Galveston Treasure Island Tour Train and return to Galveston Travel and Charm Homepage.


Adults: $10.00

Kids: 4-12 $5.00

Kids under 3 free

Operating Hours

April 2 through May 31

Daily: 9:30 AM, Noon, and 2:30 PM

May 1 to August 31

9:30 AM, Noon, 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM