Travelodge Galveston Texas?  
  We Think its a Good Deal.

The Travelodge Galveston Texas? The rooms felt just right for two of us. They had two queen beds, microwave, small refrigerator and bureau. We stayed a  month during winter.  We were very comfortable except for the chairs. 

       The Rooms are Spacious.

The second and third floor rooms have good-to-very good views.

We had a great view from room 325. That room was at the end of the building. We seldom had anyone walk by it, so it was quiet.

There are no large buildings blocking views near it. Seawall Beaches are about three hundred feet from Travelodge Galveston Texas.

The Bathroom was Clean and  Bright

Sorry for not getting a bathroom and balcony picture. The camera lens started fogging-up.

The tub has curved shower rod keeping the curtain off your legs. It needs shelf space for shampoo though. Some may need handholds. There were none in this bathroom.

Oh, the bathroom door was weird. It’s opened to the inside toward the tub. It was awkward. You had to stand to one side to open and close it. I think it’s a quark to this room only. Another room we had the door opened outward.

 The Vanity and Mirror are Spacious.

There is a hair dryer,and small coffee maker on it. It brews single cups fast and the coffee was good. The maids kept a good daily supply of the precious beans.

We made most of our meals in the room. It took a little creativity, but wasn’t a problem. The fridge was small so we shopped every few days. The savings were quite a lot.

On weekends we splurged!

I liked the faux wood floor. It’s much cleaner looking than some carpet. A few quick sweeps by the maid, damp mop and voila! Shiny clean.

Sarah liked the valance and drapes on the large window. They kept the room dark on those sleepy mornings.

Travelodge Galveston Texas is a
               Good Location.

There are two popular restaurants you can walk to, Gaido’s, and Casey’s Casual Seafood.  About half mile away is Queen’s Barbeque.

There is plenty of parking. You can see your vehicle from almost any room. During January to February, daily our costs were under $45.00 a day with tax. Price did go up during Mardi Gras. It went up ten dollars a day. But just during those two weekends.  It was still a good deal.

Oh, almost forgot. The beds were comfortable! Pleasantly so. We both slept really well!

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