Moody Gardens Discovery            Pyramid See Sounds and
              Feel a Movie!

          Discovery Pyramid is a
               Copper Beauty.

Moody Gardens Discovery Pyramid is near the aquarium and Rain Forest Pyramid.

I just love these attractions! And each one is an easy tour through.

On the entrance floor is a gift shop and restrooms. Also it’s the entrance to the 4D ride.

If you’ve never been on 4D ride it is different. Honestly if you get vertigo or motion sickness I’d pass on it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

The ride is a platform. It has about eighteen seats on it. The seats have seatbelts. In front of you is a concave movie screen. It almost reaches back to the platform. When the lights go down the screen fills your vision. Your peripheral vision too.

When the movie starts the platform tricks you into thinking you are moving. If you ever saw an airplane simulator it’s pretty close to that.

This 4 D movie was filled with falls off cliffs, crashes into cars and through buildings. The ride is only six minutes long. I enjoy rides at fairs and amusement parks. But by the time it was over I was ready.

It's Exhibit is Not What I Thought
                 it Would Be.

It has a great retro look from the 1920’s or earlier that is really appealing. I liked it!

It’s about how music and sounds are mechanically created. Then shows how that sound travels to you. It all interactive, strike the drum, strum the cord. Then watch cool stuff happen.

Some of the exhibits look like from old movie sets. They are pretty cool.

The science is further broken down into basic math and physics. The examples are really fun and easy to grasp. You might get a science bug afterwards!  Moody Gardens Discovery Pyramid made the complex exciting and understandable - just by looking.

The instruments are mostly wooden. Some have cut away views. You can to see how everything works. It is very mechanical. For example, one display, you move a lever striking a small drum. Then a long coil of clear tube shows light traveling down its length…

 Well here’s a picture of it. There that’s easier!

There is a Children's Playroom

 Moody Gardens Discovery Pyramid isn't for children. Probably ages 10 on up. And those who have some interest in science. They would find this interesting.

If they are musicians they will get a kick out of it.

If you’re with children there is a solution. Have your companion take the little ones to the end of the exhibit. It’s just around the corner of the exhibit. There is a play area for kids there. And it has several kid size instruments the kids can play with.

Depending on your interest level you could take 15 to 20 minutes here. If you’re not interested in basic science you probably just cruise though. You’ll still like the visuals. Some are very unique.


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