Rain Forest Pyramid has        Beauty and the Beast!

Oh those Giant River otters!

Enter the Rain Forest Pyramid from the aquarium; you are met with Giant River Otters.

These didn’t look like any otters I’ve ever seen.

We’ve all seen otters. They look cute. You might like one as a pet. These were huge and a little creepy. If I meet them in the water……..

First they are big and muscular. And just being feed what looked like a small fish. They looked ravenous eating. I found they eat 6 to 9 lbs. of food a day. I wish we all had a metabolism like that!

It is the world’s largest otter and grows to 6 feet. 

Look at this  gorgeous bird.

Deeper into Rain Forest Pyramid are recorded jungle sounds. It’s like you’re bathed in sound. Birds, bees, insects and god know what else!

I wondered what it's like at night. Camping or trekking the dark jungle surrounded with those sounds.You would need strong nerves.

Upstairs you enter the top of Moody Rain Forest Pyramid.  It’s a short walk along the tree canopy.

From the canopy top look down. There are small ponds and exotic birds. Beautiful flowers- orchids cling to anything.

I loved this beautiful orange bird. It seemed shy, and reserved. It didn’t make any sounds, at least while I was there.

Wouldn't it be sweet having them in your yard?

The Saki Monkeys greet you.

Before going below the tree tops, you pass through a cage of sorts. It has butterflies in it.

The Rain Forest Pyramid is clear glass. The butterflies stay near the mesh screen between you and the pyramids clear glass. It is makes it hard to get their picture.

Exiting the butterfly’s area Saki Monkeys greet you. Look at how long their fingers are! The one pictured here ran straight at me. Then it casually hoped up on the fence. It never gave me a second look.

After watching it awhile, it seemed thoughtful. Hoped it wasn’t me. It scampered away with its buddy…  Goodbye.

And who doesn't love orchids!

Below the jungle it gets warm in a hurry. The effect certainly feels real.

Walking the trail are more orchids. They are so sweet. It’s amazing how they root in air.

Did you ever see a tree like this?

Imagine running from something in the jungle. And the tree you try to climb looks like this! Ah that thing is creepy.

This bird looked drunk.

More birds appear. Like this one. It looks like a large pigeon.

As it walked it looked drunk and awkward. It was funny because it looked dignified. But wobbled!

There was a little window. It sat down low. Inside there was the Goliath Bird Eating spider. The picture got distorted by the Plexiglas. But was bigger than my whole hand!

I'm have to stray a little here......

Then there were these two bugs. Look how big they are.

They reminded me when we lived in Florida.

Our palm trees had dead fronds on them. So being hands on guy I thought ‘I’d just trim them.

I bought a machete, first mistake. Put ladder to the top and climbed, second mistake. As I chopped the dead fronds (third mistake) palmetto bugs poured over me. It looked like a bee hive of them! Thankfully they don’t bite!

Sorry I get off track. This place conjures up strange thoughts.

There are other sights all along the way. I can’t tell you about all of them. You won’t be surprised when you come!

The whole Rain Forest Pyramid takes about forty five minutes. Not too long not too short.

The restaurant has great views!

There is restaurant in the Rain Forest Pyramid. It is on the entry floor. The view is like an oasis.

It was late in the day, in January. A crew was setting up a buffet. I couldn’t stay. So I can’t tell you about the menu. But the views I can.

After all it is Moody Gardens.

 Realizing how attractive the grounds were it dawned on me. This is called Moody Gardens!

Just walking along the covered walkways was refreshing. After all it was January.

At Moody’s you can buy the ticket you want. Buy one just for the aquarium. Or whatever combination you want. Of course you can get the all-inclusive pass too.

It was a slow the day I went. It was a breeze seeing everything  including, the movies and Colonel Paddlewheel Tour.

Hum, there are benefits to being a snow bird.

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